A Sausage And Salami Making Guide

So you want to make some sausage but are not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place then. Today I’ll give you guys a quick little guide on how to prepare and make your own salami and sausage. Let’s start out by talking about the tools and appliances you’re going to need. These are some of the must have basics to make your life easy:


  • a very sharp knife
  • a sturdy table
  • a meat grinder
  • a large surface
  • waxed paper
  • string
  • sausage attachments for the grinder
  • casings for the meat
  • string

Remember, having the right equipment will make the job much easier for you. Do your research and buy the proper appliances. You don’t necessarily need the best meat grinder out there, but make sure you have something with enough power to get the job done. This site has more information: http://meatgrinderplus.com. Don’t underestimate a sharp knife either, you’ll be doing a lot of cutting and trimming. So start out by selecting you meat and cleaning off the excess fats and skins. Once done run it through the grinder. Its now time to spread the meat across the table. Be sure to cover the table in wax paper first. Time to season the meat. Use spices and red peppers to give a little spice. Talk to your local butcher to see how much salt you’re going to require. once its all mixed up run the meat though the grinder with the attachment piece on. The meat will push into the cases. Be sure not to burst the case. Tie up the ends and hang the sausage in the cellar until ready. It’s as simple as that. ¬†You can look online to find different recipes for unique tastes. The two popular ones that you’ll find are garlic and hot, but it really all comes down to your personal preferences.