Exercise Bike Comparison Guide

If you are motivated to improving your fitness one of the best ways to get started is by utilizing an exercise bike. Exercise bikes are great for increasing cardiovascular health as well as providing an extensive full body workout. I personally have used an exercise bike to achieve my own fitness goals. By purchasing my own exercise bike I was able to workout in the convenience of my own home and did not have to pay expensive gym fees. There are many different exercise bike models and styles on the market so it is important that you choose a bike that suits you.

If you are considering purchasing the best recumbent exercise bike it is important to pick one that is very comfortable. Many exercise bike manufacturers now incorporate memory foam seats, cushions, and grips to allow maximum comfort. If you are operating your bike for extended periods of time this added comfort can reduce back strain and ensure that your workout is productive instead of detrimental. Proper posture and stability while using an exercise bike is the best way of achieving a healthy workout.

When considering to purchase an exercise bike you must decide which riding style suits you best. There are currently three popular riding styles on the market today and they are the recumbent exercise bike, the upright exercise bike, and the spinning exercise bike. The recumbent exercise bikes allows the operator to ride in a laid back style. The upright bike seats the rider at a 90 degree upright angle and the spinning bike is in between a layback and upright position. In my personal opinion, the best exercise bike is the recumbent.

If you are looking to get the most value for your dollar it is advised that you purchase an exercise bike online. You can save hundreds to even thousands of dollars by doing this. Not only will you get great value and save money, but you will also have a large variety of models to choose from. Some people think that is you purchase an exercise bike online you do not get a warranty and this is false. If you purchase an exercise bike online you will receive the same customer service and warranty as if you purchased the exercise bike from a store. I have purchased my exercise bike online and saved quite a bit of money. It was well worth the purchase!

Guide To Buying An Inversion Table

So you have decided to buy an inversion table but are not sure where start. Buying any piece of workout equipment can be difficult for any first time buyer. That is why it is so important to read through several guides before making a purchase. A personal favourite site of mine that compares all the best inversion table reviews can be found over at the link.  These tables are relatively new, but are gaining a lot of popularity. A few minutes each day on one of these can really build up some back muscle and leave you feeling stronger and more energized. Below are some popular brands that are recommended:

  • Teeter
  • Ironman
  • Lifescience
  • Exerpeutic
  • Bodymax

Buying from a solid brand means that you’ll be buying a high end product with a great warranty. This is a big must have with any piece of fitness equipment. These double as a medical apparatus used to help stretch out the lower back and vertebrae. Let me be the first to tell you that a few minutes on one of these will leave you feeling loose and relaxed for days. Be sure to take a look at the manufacturer specs before making any purchase. Certain models have different weight and height maximums and minimums that are not appropriate for everyone. For detailed information on inversion tables http://inversiontablecentral.com has a great list and comparison guide.

These tables do require some routine maintenance as well. Be sure to properly maintain your device so it can last for many years to come. The biggest difference you will notice between low quality models and high quality models if the comfort level.  The $500 plus models have excellent support, comfort, and manoeuvrability. The budget models in the $200 and less range are very basic and don’t have the same comfort level. If your going to spend a decent amount of time on one of these, spend the money and get an inversion table with all the bells and whistles. It will be well worth it in the end.

A Sausage And Salami Making Guide

So you want to make some sausage but are not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place then. Today I’ll give you guys a quick little guide on how to prepare and make your own salami and sausage. Let’s start out by talking about the tools and appliances you’re going to need. These are some of the must have basics to make your life easy:


  • a very sharp knife
  • a sturdy table
  • a meat grinder
  • a large surface
  • waxed paper
  • string
  • sausage attachments for the grinder
  • casings for the meat
  • string

Remember, having the right equipment will make the job much easier for you. Do your research and buy the proper appliances. You don’t necessarily need the best meat grinder out there, but make sure you have something with enough power to get the job done. This site has more information: http://meatgrinderplus.com. Don’t underestimate a sharp knife either, you’ll be doing a lot of cutting and trimming. So start out by selecting you meat and cleaning off the excess fats and skins. Once done run it through the grinder. Its now time to spread the meat across the table. Be sure to cover the table in wax paper first. Time to season the meat. Use spices and red peppers to give a little spice. Talk to your local butcher to see how much salt you’re going to require. once its all mixed up run the meat though the grinder with the attachment piece on. The meat will push into the cases. Be sure not to burst the case. Tie up the ends and hang the sausage in the cellar until ready. It’s as simple as that.  You can look online to find different recipes for unique tastes. The two popular ones that you’ll find are garlic and hot, but it really all comes down to your personal preferences.